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Kathmandu Biratnagar Flight Ticket Booking

Kathmandu Biratnagar

Biratnagar, second biggest city in Nepal is mainly recognized as industrial core of the country. It lies in the Morang district which attracts many tourists with its colorful festivals and unique culture.

It takes 50 min from Kathmandu to reach Biratnagar which is 290 Km in distance. The flight is operated regular by Yeti air and Buddha Air. The Biratnagar flight shorter the way to Koshi Tappu Wildlife reserve which offers to enjoy the bird’s life, also it shorter the way to the beautiful slope of tea garden of Ilam. The fascinating view Mt. Makalu and Mt. Kanchajunga of during the flight will make you feel good.

Flight Schedule

Flight FromFlight ToAirlinesFlight No.Flight TimeArrival TimeBook
KathmanduBiratnagarBuddha AirU4 70307:45:0008:25:00
KathmanduBiratnagarYeti Airlines78709:00:0009:40:00
KathmanduBiratnagarBuddha AirU4 70510:00:0010:40:00
KathmanduBiratnagarYeti Airlines79112:00:0012:40:00
KathmanduBiratnagarBuddha AirU4 70712:20:0013:00:00
KathmanduBiratnagarYeti Airlines79314:30:0015:10:00
KathmanduBiratnagarBuddha AirU4 70914:40:0015:20:00
KathmanduBiratnagarBuddha AirU4 71315:50:0016:30:00
KathmanduBiratnagarYeti Airlines79716:40:0017:20:00
KathmanduBiratnagarBuddha AirU4 71116:50:0017:30:00

Returning Flights

Flight FromFlight ToAirlinesFlight No.Flight TimeArrival TimeBook
BiratnagarKathmanduBuddha AirU4 70408:50:0009:30:00
BiratnagarKathmanduBuddha AirU4 70611:05:0011:45:00
BiratnagarKathmanduBuddha AirU4 70813:25:0014:05:00
BiratnagarKathmanduBuddha AirU4 71015:45:0016:25:00
BiratnagarKathmanduBuddha AirU4 71416:50:0017:30:00
BiratnagarKathmanduBuddha AirU4 71217:55:0018:35:00

If flight numbers are in brackets like TA 181 (1,5) , this means that the flight are not daily flights. Numbers in brackets denots Monday 1, Tuesday 2, Wednesday 3, Thursday 4, Friday 5, Saturday 6, Sunday 7

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